Financial projections for modern business

Investment-ready financial forecasts to support business growth

Better than spreadsheets

Spreadsheets might have been built for financial planning, but they weren’t built for your business. Manually updating inflexible documents that were designed for accountants can give you a headache. Worse, they can be inaccurate as you try to chop and cram parts of your business model into templates that cover the basics and nothing else.

With spreadsheet templates

  • Inaccurate formulas can be accidentally changed
  • Confusing calculation fields showing the workings that you shouldn’t need to see
  • Limits on the number of products and services you can add
  • Missing granularity to represent your true income and expenditure

Welcome, simplicity

All the tools you need to forecast your business without having to worry about the details.

  • Subscriptions as standard

    Easily model modern subscription products, including renewals, churn and contract lengths.

  • Easy tax management

    Automatic VAT, PAYE, National Insurance & Corporation Tax calculations and deductions.

  • Employee planning

    Model fixed term contracts, automatic pension contributions and monthly salary obligations.

An example one-click export PDF

Ready for investors

  • One-click exports

    Export a print-ready copy of your sales plans, cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet at any time.

  • Productive collaboration

    Work with your accountants and advisors in one location. No messy back-and-forth and confusion over which file is the most up to date.

  • Keep things in context

    Annotate projections as you go to add context around your reasoning and input.



For organisations that manage their own forecasts and don’t prepare them for clients


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For accountancy firms, investors & organisations that help multiple clients plan their finances

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